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"If you think you can... you can.  
And if you think you can't, you're right."

~ Henry Ford ~

I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career.
I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been
trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.
I've failed over and over and over again in my life
and that is why I succeed.
~ Michael Jordan ~

To succeed, we must first believe that we can.
~ Michael Korda ~

From: Sam Knoll

Dear Friend,

Consider this... in our modern society, we’re making a huge mistake that is costing us… well… everything.

In the past, wealth or success was about things like land, gold, food, and most importantly money.

Today we've evolved.

Success is now about education, enjoyment of life, quality of time and relationships, cultural experience, personal development, fulfillment, contribution… and is COMPLETELY intangible and basically unmeasurable by those standards of the past.

The hard part is it seems one must first acquire the older forms of success in order to aspire to the new ones.  Now correct me if you want, but achieving success these days seems nearly impossible right?

How many different ways have you attempted to try to set yourself on the right path?

Those three quotes above look at success from slightly different perspectives, as different as the people from whom they came.

The key to them all is the belief in success... not the perception of it, but the absolute belief in it.

Now ask yourself:

"What do you really want in life?"

What do you whisper to yourself when no one else is around, when you think no one else is watching?  How many times do you utter what you WANT to happen under your breath hoping that it might... but still knowing it probably won't?

Is it Fame, Glory, Success, or how about happiness?

What if you could simply ask for what you want and get it.

Now before you even think about what you really want you should stop for a moment and look at what it would be.  What on Earth would you ask for?  What would anyone ask for?

Consider this... when you stop and look around where are you going... what are you doing, who are you following?  Are you sure you're following the right crowd?

"Greatness is not in where we stand, but in
what direction we are moving. We must sail
sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it
-- but sail we must and not drift, nor lie at anchor."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~

So who is it that you are following in your efforts to find that small slice of success? 

Maybe you'll get lucky and find the right latest and greatest product and happen to be one of the small handful of people that makes it, and becomes the next testimonial out of the 100's if not 1000's that are trying.

It is possible right?

Well it is possible... but not very likely. 

Success is a deeper issue that covers things on a number of different levels  for most people.  Achieving it takes following the right type of people on a number of levels.  It can also take making somewhat dramatic changes in yourself on a sub-prime level.

You must attach yourself to the right leaders and then take in ALL that they have to say. 

It is not enough to know and understand how or when things first worked for them. 

It is not enough to know what tools they used to hit it big.

You really want to know how they started, what mental effects they used to move themselves forward, what do they feel is the key to achieving true success.  Then you want to look at what they do now, once they achieved their goals. 

How do they work with their team that they built around them.  Who do they spend time with on a daily basis.  What do they give back and to whom.

"To me success means effectiveness in the world, that
I am able to carry my ideas and values into the
world -- that I am able to change it in positive ways."
~ Maxine Hong Kingston ~

Giving back... I recall many years ago hearing Yanik Silver talk about setting up three accounts for himself... one for his income, two for his investments, and three for whom he was going to give back. 

He set that system up at the start of his climb to where he is today.  Now as he runs his company which just handed Virgin Unite a check for $447,000.  Yanik has come a long way and has literally built his lifestyle within his company.  He surrounds himself with top marketers all but day and night and they just feed off of one another.

Here's another one worth knowing about...

I have a friend here in NC who owns a company with revenues in the top 3% of their US market in the promotional item category.  Top 3% of a very tough line of work.  The bottom line is he works his tail off and they do VERY well. 

I recall talking with him about the 3,000 square foot addition he was adding to his house (almost doubling the size).  The trips he takes with his family are fantastic to virtually anywhere in the world one may want to go.  He has built a fantastic life for himself.

Back in 2001, just days after the World Trade Center bombing, he decided he wanted to do something for the fire fighters up in New York.  He called in his friends and organized an off the cuff, 4 band outdoor concert.  All of the food and beer was donated and all of the staff were volunteers so every penny made went to one of the hurting NY fire departments.

At the end of the show they handed a check for $60,000 to the team of fire-fighters that they had flown in for the show.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the over 1000 people there in attendance.

It was an awesome experience.  Yes, it was an emotional time in the US and yes people were all fired up and wanting to give back to those who had lost so very much on 9-11.  Seemed like a pretty easy thing to put together doesn't it?

Well, they've continued putting on events with themes like:

  • Band Together for Lucy Daniels Center
  • Band Together for SAFEchild
  • Band Together and Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Band Together and The Boys & Girls Club
  • Band Together for Hurricane Relief Efforts
  • Band Together for Tsunami Relief
  • Band Together for Music Maker
  • Band Together for Operation Smile
  • Band Together for Special Olympics
  • Band Together for Our Heroes

Eight years later they are still putting on an annual concert ( which this last year raised well over $140,000 for they charity they targeted.

We gave our part and supported the movement with a nice donation.

The bottom line is you must give back to the system that put you where you wanted to be.

One amazing aspect of both Yanik and my buddy Danny happens to not only be their own efforts but also those of the people they pull toward themselves.  They both keep themselves surrounded by people doing the same if not even more than they do.  They arm themselves with winners as friends!

You need to know the right people and we want to help you with that.

"I have learned, that if one advances confidently
in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to
live the life he has imagined, he will meet with
a success unexpected in common hours."
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

When setting yourself up on the right track to success you do need to do one very important thing with your mindset... you must let go or frankly "release" what it is you want.  Consider the end of that quote above as it is very true and extremely powerful.



"...he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."



What you need to do is follow those people that are walking down the road of true success.  Not just those hanging out on a corner but those people who have that road as their only way of travel.  This is not something that one chances upon but rather a true inner and outer journey that some people have set within them.

So again who are you going to follow?  Imagine if you could immerse yourself in a situation where:

  • You could sit down and listen to them tell their own stories as they are.


  • Imagine being able to share in what events took place to wake them up inside and start accepting how great they are.

  • Who was it that helped them make that change that got them facing down the right path?

  • What teacher did they learn from and what did they do to gather up the info from them?

  • When it was in their journey that they made their own switch and started moving in their own right direction?

  • Who is it that they surround themselves with now?

  • How do they run their company and more importantly, how do they work with their employees?

  • How much of their day is spent playing as opposed to working?

  • Do they push them self by partnering with more successful people or do they like being in command?

Now I'd like you to ask yourself the following question:

"What is it that will help you regain EXCITEMENT, giving your business and your life with new
energy and power?"

I want you to take advantage of an absolutely wild opportunity to learn the answer to those and all of the other questions you read above... and much more! 

Ask yourself if any of the following are true for you even in the smallest way:

  • You want to make more money now.

  • You’re ready to meet and exceed all of your business goals.

  • You flat out want healthier, more loving relationships with those people close to you.

  • You’d love to find ultimate peace and abundance in your life.

  • You want to find your Own Special Purpose.

  • It is time for you to go from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE.

My friend, if any of those statements ring true for you then I'd like to share exactly what you'll get in as it is your solution:






Monthly discussions with some of our greatand most innovative leaders in business today.  You will get to listen in as we discuss "Success" and the unusual way that it has been achieved and then supported by some of the for most  leaders of today.  Each month you will get a new interview that you can listen to streaming or download and burn to your iPod.

To start off right we have two interviews that you really cannot miss as we discuss achieving success with Willie Crawford and Dan Lok.  Both of these gentlemen Reveal exactly what it took and how they have managed to achieve even more than either one of them ever aspired to.  The talks with them get into each of their unique paths. 


The people like Willie and Dan that we speak to each month have taken a unique path to achieve their success and continue to carry themselves outside of the regular modes of operation as they run their businesses and share with the people around them.

Do you think there is anything you can learn from the two gentlemen above?  The answer for us was a huge yes as they both reveal aspects of themselves that we never knew existed.

Let's get back to where all of the "success books" began.  We're not talking any of the stuff that is written today but rather the materials that started it all back in the late 1800's to early 1900's. 

I have a secret for you in this which is that:

"The information has not changed one single bit"

Beyond the main interviews we bring to you each month we've also taken many of the great success books and had them professionally crafted into audios.  We're talking about some of the masters of success like:

  • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

  • The Art of Money Getting - P.T. Barnum

  • Wealth - Andrew Carnegie

  • Acres of Diamonds - Russell Conwell

Then we've also added in some of the current audio presentations as well:

  • Marketing Secrets - The Seduction Masters

  • Million Dollar Copy

  • The Secret Mechanics of Lightening Fast Product Creation and Innovation

  • How to Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter

This listing will also grow each month as we add in more and more audio presentations like some of the following:

How To Use Your Mind

Both Riches and Honor

As a Man Thinketh Prosper
Scientific Advertising Mental Chemistry

The Science of Being Great

A Message to Garcia

The Master Key System

The Ideal Made Real

Unleash The Book Within

Your Forces

Concentrate for Success


The Science of Being Well

Creative Mind

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Mind
The Path of Prosperity

Prosperity Through Thought

Right & Wrong Thinking

Power of Will

And the list goes on and on.  We will continue to add new audio books from the list above and much more each month.  Shoot, if you have one you'd like to hear please let us know so we can work on it.

Brain Music - is not just designed to give you the information you want and need to succeed but also some of the tools that can help you do just that.  The section of Brain music is a very interesting one as it gets into working with binaural beat productions that are designed to work with your unconscious mind.

"Music Doth Soothe The Savage Beast"


We've included numerous sets of recordings that you can work with.  They are designed to either relax or stimulate your brain moving forward.

Now, I don't know what you feel when you look at this but trust me this is the real deal and will do great things for you personally.  It doesn't matter is you want to be able to easily slip off into a fantastic sleep or if you want to do the opposite and energize the brain.

Studies have shown that working with this sort of music can have especially positive effects on the body like:


  • A feeling of relaxation
  • Diminished stress
  • Increased feeling of well-being
  • Increased confidence
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Diminished headaches and migraines
  • Heightened immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less insomnia and better sleeping patterns
  • Improved intuition and creative visualization skills

This is something you can use over and over to help heighten your abilities.  You can work with this every single day if you wanted!

When you step back and look at it, this site provides a road map for anyone who wants to realize his or her professional and personal dreams. We’re going to explore Success Principles that will take you from where you are to where you want to be... all you have to do is Listen & Apply!

"Listen & Apply!"

  • Become a leader in business and a leader in life.

  • Build a genuine path to your goals and INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW.

  • Gain a clear sense of personal direction.

  • Enhance your effectiveness on virtually every level.

  • Find personal FREEDOM and take complete charge of your destiny.

"Your life is the sum of your decisions."

This is a chance to make one of those decisions.

This could be the year you FINALLY develop the mindset, skills and strategies that will take your life in an absolutely new, thrilling direction. This could be the year you apply those principles to double, triple or even quadruple your income.

I truly want you to have the best year ever. I want you to marvel at your progress and your accomplishments as we do it together.

This is what I know for you:

"You can achieve your dreams. You can become
the person you really want to be. You can make
your life exactly the way you want it to be."

Now please take notice that I don’t believe these things... I know them.

I’ve seen them happen. All you want in life can happen to you. SuccessAudioMonthly provides the opportunity and will help guide you through.

Think about this: what if you were always “On track” or "In the Zone" so to speak?  What would it be like to accomplish your key goals and tasks without hesitation, procrastination or fear?

Can you imagine that?

Can you feel that awesome sense of complete empowerment and total liberation?

"Complete Empowerment and Total Liberation."

Let’s get to that place of complete success.

Let’s stop what you're doing right now and go from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE.

Use your mouse and click on the button below to get started immediately.

"Success Audio Monthly"

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Your registration guarantees your place in this unique membership.  Let's get started today!

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize
how close they were to success when they gave up."
~ Thomas Alva Edison ~

This is an “are you in or are you out” moment.  Take the next second to start pointing yourself in the right direction to success. is just moments away for you... go ahead and click that link above and we can get started right away!

Now, one more thing we need to cover that I know some of you will be looking for.  The Guarantee.

Let's be honest here... the cost of is so low that I do not think you need a guarantee however...

We've decided that we do want you to be able to jump in and get rolling right away without any hesitation.  To help with this what we've done is remove all possible issues from your shoulders and have agreed to put in place a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

You should feel comfortable knowing that you can take your time to move within and work with the audio presentations within the membership. 

If at any time within those first thirty days you decide that the membership is not for you... simply let us know via a phone call or through our help center (both the phone number and the help center are listed at the bottom of this page) and we will cancel your membership and refund your first months fees.

That's all there is to it.  We want to work with you to make sure that you are able to get every single little bit of the benefits of this membership available.  Take the next few minutes to set things up and you will be rolling by either clicking the link up above or by clicking this link here.

I look forward to doing exciting things together!


Sam Knoll

P.S. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ "Self-trust is the first secret of success." ~ now is the time to trust your intuition and take advantage of a concept like this.

P.P.S. One further thought for you has to do with where you place your energies.  If all that you've been doing to date has not yet paid you handsomely for your efforts maybe it is time to make a change and point yourself into a new opportunity.   Sign up today and get started with a new direction. 


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